How to Enable Theme Sharing button in MIUI Theme Store

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Everyone got there favorite MIUI 11 Theme which they want to Share with Friends and Family but, recently Xiaomi STOPPED Option to Share the MIUI Theme Link. I don’t know what was the reason for this Step to Stop the Users from sharing the Link of there Favourite MIUI 11 Theme Link.

Nowadays there are a lot of MIUI 11 Theme on the MIUI Theme Store which is very difficult to find some time if you just search the name of the Theme you get the Theme but sometimes it is very difficult to go search and find the Theme link. It rather a hassle if you are a Youtuber you can not even share the Theme Link and then Your Subscriber faces the hassle of finding the MIUI Theme.

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Today, In the article I am going to Share the Trick through which you can share the link of Any MIUI Theme from the MIUI Theme Store, but you need to have ROOT flashed in your device. Which will help us to Unlock the MIUI Theme Sharing button in the MIUI Theme Store?

How to Enable the Share Button in MIUI Theme Store

To Enable Sharing button in MIUI Theme Store, you need to the ROOTED Xiaomi Devices, for NON-ROOTED Xiaomi users it’s not possible as of now but stays tuned with us we will try to bring the Trick for the NON-ROOTED Xiaomi devices.

Requirement to Enable the Sharing Button in MIUI Theme Store

  • The ROOTED Xiaomi Device.
  • Download the MT File Manager, Link is given below
  • Download the Modded MIUI Theme App
  • Follow the Steps to Enable the Sharing button in MIUI Theme Store.

Download Mt File Manager

Download the MIUI Theme App

How To Share Theme Link On MIUI 11

  • Open the Mt File Manager and Grant all the ROOT Permission to the App
  • Now Goto> System>app>thememanger
  • Rename the existing “ThemeManger.Apk” to “ThemeManger.Apk.mmm”
  • Now Copy the Modded MIUI Theme Manager Apk and Paste it that Folder( System>app>thememanger )
  • After pasting the New MIUI ThemeManger Apk, give the Permission 644(rw-r–r–)
  • Now reboot your device.
  • Open the MIUI Theme Store, Open any Theme and you will see Sharing button on the Theme.

How to Get the Old MIUI Theme Store

If you want to get the Old Xiaomi MIUI Theme Store you can do it, it’s very simple. Just follow the steps.

  • Open Mt File Manager, then Goto> System>app>thememanger
  • Delete the New MIUI Theme Apk.
  • Rename the Old MIUI Theme App to “ThemeManger.Apk“.
  • Save and reboot.
  • You got the Old Theme Store Back.

I hope you Enjoyed this Article How to Get the Sharing button in MIUI Theme Store if you did please make sure to Share this with Friend and Family for More like this, Stay Tuned!

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