MIUI Gallery App Update V2.2.15.15 – Download Apk

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If you are Mi Fan you already know about the MIUI Gallery App, which features all the good Features which we ever want and believe me when I say that it is increasing for something big. After the release of the MIUI 11, MIUI Gallery App got a major redesign with some major cool features. Well MIUI Gallery App has got a new Update.

MIUI Gallery App Update V2.2.15.15

The latest update of MIUI Gallery App Beta has brought some of the cool and most awaited features onboard with it. The Latest MIUI Gallery App Update V2.2.15.15 China Beta. There are many changes and some new features in Gallery, be it editing the picture or changing the Sky Mode, or Re-arranging the Albums.

New Features of MIUI Gallery App

  1. Re-Arrange the Albums
  2. Sky Changing Mode
  3. Compress the Video Size

Re-Arrange the Albums

This has been a long-awaited feature of the MIUI Gallery App which has been missing for a while now and Xiaomi finally noticed it and decided to add the Option with which we can finally Arrange the Albums in the Gallery App. There is also the option to sort the Albums.

Sky Changing Mode

MIUI 11 introduced the Option which can change the total Sky in a Picture and this option is one my favorite option of MIUI Gallery App, now it also adds an option to add some Snow in the Images. How Cool?

Compressing the Video

Yes, now we can compress the video size itself in the MIUI Gallery App. Just with a One Tap and you can Compress the Video Size.

Download MIUI Gallery App V2.2.15.15

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