ZenUi 5 ROM for Redmi Note 7

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We are always craving for something new for our Android SmartPhone, I have already shared many ROM’s for Redmi Note 7, but here I am going to Share the ROM which is something different from the Other Stock Android ROM.

Zenfone 5 ZenUI is similar to Stock with the Some ZenUi Tweaks and Features which I am sure you will Like if you like Stock Android. ZenUi 5 is based on Android 10 which gives smooth experience with the ZenUi Features.

ZenUI Based on Android 10 Ported from Zenfone 5 for Redmi Note 7, you can simply get the Experience of the ZeUi in Redmi Note 7 with Some Bugs too. ZenUi 5 Port is Based on Android 10 which has some bugs with it but you will get the Great Experience of the Zenfone 5 ZenUi.

Bugs in ZenUi 5 Port from Zenfone 5

  • ZeniMoji
  • Deep sleep
  • F2FS Support isn’t included
  • DT2W
  • Some ASUS Camera features
  • some minor stuff that requires ASUS hardware or bugs from ASUS itself
  • Beta Micam is still had issues with Portrait and Front Capturing Camera

Changelog for ZenUi 5

Device Side Changelogs :

  • Vendor Update
  • Kernel Update
  • Switched from FDE (Full Disk) to FBE (File Based)

How to Install ZenUi 5 on Redmi Note 7

Notes: Should be fine on any FW for now (mine still on,
Format data is required if you’re coming from non-FBE roms.

Dont use Q kernel even its fine or better, might cause enhanced encryption and needs custom modified recoveries to decrypt data in recovery mode, but if u dont care its fine

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Download ZenUi 5 Port for Redmi Note 7

Credit- Guzram Port, Ancient Family, All my lavender+whyred Dragon Supporters.

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